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Hello Seniors!

I remember my senior year photos like they were taken yesterday, mostly because my mom and dad still have them around their house on display. Todays senior portraits are not like they were when I was a senior in high school. Back then, everyone was taking the same traditional photos at the same place, including the cap and gown photos for the yearbook. Anything beyond the traditional was not the norm then. 

When I started working with Seniors I discovered  that I wanted them to have more than I did back then. I wanted their photos to be unique, but true to their personal style and personalities. Because lets be honest, no one wants to have the exact same photo as the person next to them in class. Everyone is unique in their own way and I absolutely LOVE that! I want each seniors session to be fun, enjoyable, and  be something they can look back on and still love through time. So here is my adventure in Senior Stylized Sessions!

Want to get something different than your peers in school? Well, don't hesitate....Book Now!

Very Respectfully,

Cassie M.


C.A.M. Photography Designs

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